Znanje na djelu is participating in the Erasmus+ program through YOU CAN BE!, a project aimed at promoting entrepreneurship among young people, strengthening the skills of youth workers, mentor and young entrepreneurs, as well as bringing together these key groups.


The project is led by Fondation Apprentis d’Auteil (France), in partnership with Vilniaus kolegija (Lithuania), Asociatia Scoala de Valori (Romania), Organization for Social Innovation ARNO (The Republic of North Macedonia), and Znanje na djelu (Croatia). Over one hundred youth workers, mentors and young people will participate in the project through international workshops and training and through the creation of a European network of mentors.


The issues we wish to address with this project are youth unemployment rate the “brain drain” problem, which Croatia also faces. One possible solution to these problems is the promotion of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship among young people. In order for young people to be successfully prepared for entrepreneurial endeavours, it is necessary to take on the obstacles brought by disadvantaged social and economic conditions, low self-confidence, high levels of fear and uncertainty, and a lack of business experience and networking opportunities. These problems lie at the core of the YOU CAN BE! project, and it is something it aims to address.


Through international cooperation of partners, several key actions will be accomplished:

  • Strengthening the knowledge and skills of youth workers, especially for activities promoting entrepreneurship among youth
  • Promoting entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship among youth
  • Empowering young entrepreneurs (especially those in disadvantaged positions) through training that increases their knowledge, business spirit, level of independence, sense of responsibility, and capacity for innovation and leadership
  • Connecting young entrepreneurs and experienced mentors from the business world, which will benefit both key groups
  • Creating a European network of business mentors
  • Empowering mentors to work with young entrepreneurs



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