Znanje na djelu participates in the Erasmus + program through WAKE UP YOUR VOCATION, a project involving more than 30 educational centers, 600 young people, parents and public and private entities to reduce the gap between the education system and the labor market with the aim to facilitate access to the labor market. This innovative initiative unites Spain, Italy, Belgium and Croatia. The project is led by the Santa María la Real Foundation (Spain), together with the Agenzia regionale per il lavoro la formazione e l’accreditamento (Italy), the Goethe-Institut e.V. (Belgium) and Znanje na djelu (Croatia).

The first phase of the project begins with an analysis of experiences and attitudes towards vocational guidance, and the opportunities for labor market access for young people. This phase involves conducting surveys and interviews with teachers, parents/guardians, and students aged 12-18, as well as the analysis and consolidation of results in a unified report that will be available in four languages (Croatian, English, Spanish, Italian).

This analysis will the needs and possibilities of vocational guidance, building a valuable foundation for the second phase of the project. The second phase starts with the creation of a methodological handbook for teachers, which will be used as a tool for the vocational guidance of students. Online teacher education will be conducted (3 days for 3 hours), based on the handbook. Additional digital materials and content for self-study will also be produced. Online awareness-raising sessions for students and teachers will be held, dealing with vocational guidance and labor market access topics.

During the final phase of the project, all results, experiences and lessons learned will be compiled and presented as EU policy recommendations to key stakeholders in Bruxelle. This phase will be led by the Goethe Institute.

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