Zaklada znanje na djelu
Petra Hektorovića 2/VIII
10 000 Zagreb



Request for expression of interest

for individual consultant services of

EDU-LAB project management and implementation Advisor


  1. The foundation Zaklada Znanje na djelu/ Stiftung Wissen am Werk was established in June 2014 in Zagreb, Croatia, by thirteen founders ( The official registration process was completed in November 2014. The Foundation’s statute was approved by the Ministry of Public Administration on February 24, 2015, enabling the Foundation to begin its activities. Thus, the Foundation was fully operative as of March 2015. The Foundation creates and conducts programmes and supports reform initiatives that aim to strengthen the practice-based orientation of education and innovative approaches to learning in primary, secondary and vocational schools, as well as universities. It seeks to better prepare young people for joining the labour market.Zaklada Znanje na djelu/ Stiftung Wissen am Werk is project partner in EDU-LAB project, part of The Danube Transnational Program as a financing instrument of the European Territorial cooperation (Interreg), funded by ERDF. It’s role is to actively participate towards reaching project goals and the Foundation is the main partner responsible for development of the final output, “The Danubian Charta for Young Talents” a policy driver for tackling challenges of education and employment in the higher education sector in the Danube Region. 
  1. The consultant services of EDU-LAB project management and implementation Advisor would include:
    • Prepare in consultation with EDU LAB project coordinator, a Project Plan with its main activities and timeline for carrying out the project and advise on setting activities and targets in order to ensure the achievement of the project objectives
    • Advise on development of effective strategy to mobilize wide range of stakeholders and facilitate relationship between the EDU Lab project and projects/initiatives supported by other agencies in the field of dual education
    • Advise EDU Lab project team on eligibility of expenditures, compliance with EU policies and other as well as to prepare reports and related documents required for financial reporting to the responsible Controller at national level and to the Lead Partner
    • Advise EDU Lab project team during tendering, evaluation and contract award
  1. Eligible candidate will have the following qualifications:
    • at least 5 years of relevant work experience in administration of EU or international projects or organizations as leading or executive experience
    • demonstrated knowledge on various aspects of Croatian higher education and science system
    • demonstrated knowledge on enhancing networks and development of strategic relationships
    • have excellent knowledge of spoken and written English
    • experience in implementing initiatives dealing with brain drain and/or programs for youth is an advantage
  1. The foundation Zaklada Znanje na djelu/ Stiftung Wissen am Werk now invites eligible candidate to submit his/her expression of interest, together with the curriculum vitae and references, in English language only.
  2. The consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in guidelines of Agency for Regional Development of the Republic of Croatia (
  3. Interested Consultants may obtain further information regarding Terms of Reference at the Zaklada Znanje na djelu/ Stiftung Wissen am Werk’s website, or via telephone, Monday – Friday, from 9 A.M. to 11 A.M.
  4. Expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below no later than November 7th, 2017:
    Zaklada znanje na djelu,
    Petra Hektorovića 2/VIII, 10 000 Zagreb,
    or by mail:


TOR for Project management and implementation Advisor