Primary schools. Secondary schools. Universities. The finest companies. The best institutions.

Our programmes allow you to visit companies and institutions, take a peek behind the scenes and see how they operate, and become familiar with the skills required for specific jobs.

Ask questions on the spot, check out those careers that attract you most, learn about jobs you didn’t even know about before, and finally, decide where you want to train or study and what profession to go for.


What do we do?

We bring together the worlds of education and business.
We take you to companies and institutions where you can see and experience occupations first-hand. Our programmes for young people and teachers give you the opportunity to gain practical knowledge.
We help you decide which career to choose in the diverse world of business.

ZND is a proud partner of the Interreg project EDU-LAB.


Young people can develop careers in Croatia.
It’s important to link education with everyday reality and to experience theory in practice in a company or institution. We give young people an opportunity to shape their own futures.
We introduce young people to the world of work while they are still in school, so that they can more easily decide what they want to do and why.

Be a partner

If you would like your company to participate in our programmes, to host pupils for an on-the-job experience or even groups of teachers and pupils, feel free to contact us: We’ll find you the best candidates.