Pogledaj. Probaj. Doživi. 2020. (Observe. Try. Experience. 2020.)

ruj 27, 2021 | News, Pogledaj-Probaj-Doživi, Stem-Rastem-Istražujem

The “Pogledaj. Probaj. Doživi. 2020.” program was successfully continued during 2020. Instructed by previous experience, we began to implement the program with third and fourth grade high school students. The program takes place in two stages. The first step in the implementation of the program is the initial workshop Skok u budućnost (Jump into the Future), in which students learn to recognize their values, but also to write a resume and what to look for during a job interview. The workshop was conducted by a human resources expert and takes place on the school premises. The workshop was followed by a visit to companies for a two-day internship (job-shadowing). Students who apply for the “Pogledaj. Probaj. Doživi.” program can choose one of our partner companies, and spend two days there as a “shadow” of one of the employees. We also started to implement a program for elementary school students in 2020.

“What seemed to me the biggest downside to the legal business was that I would have to spend hours and hours in front of a computer in the office and write documents. You have managed to show me that the job of a lawyer is much more than that and you have convinced me that this job is interesting, dynamic and that one can imagine oneself in this job all one’s life. Despite the difficulty of the job, I feel I can enjoy my job as a lawyer and this practice has helped me cement my desire and goal to be a lawyer. What I liked most was that you were so open and really showed me by your own example what a future lawyer must go through. Your long-term experience together with Domagoj’s will help me to better prepare for college and finish it as successfully as possible to become like you one day.”

(Josip, First Gymnasium)