KARIJEROlink internship in KBC Zagreb: Interview with high-school pupil Marija

Sep 12, 2023 | KARIJEROlink, News

What does a KARIJEROlink internship look like in a pediatric surgery department? Read our interview with Marija, a high-school pupil who spent 2 days in KBC Zagreb!

What made you choose KBC Zagreb for your internship?

The internship at KBC Zagreb was a chance for a unique experience. That choice seemed the most exciting to me, knowing that I would come into contact with a very specific type of work, which includes a specific working day and workplace of a hospital surgeon. I didn’t know exactly what to expect from the internships, but at the same time I understood what could potentially be covered within those two days. It was clear to me that I would get a lot of information about the very structure of the hospital, the work of surgeons, and the roles of other workers within the hospital, and that I would experience specific cases that our mentor would treat within those two days. For me, this kind of source of important and fascinating information and knowledge is not comparable to watching any TV show or movie, nor is it so easy to find out through my own research.

I knew that through this internship I would learn a lot about the health system in the most effective and realistic way, and that I would learn a lot about things that have always interested me, and about things that I didn’t even know existed. I therefore concluded that choosing KBC Zagreb was the best for me.

What tasks and activities did your mentor show you?

We followed a standard working day of our mentor, dr. Luetić, a surgeon at the pediatric surgery department. With this, we started the days by going on rounds, through which the recovery of the children in the department is monitored and recorded. We had the chance to attend two operations: our mentor supervised them and explained to us the ways in which they took place. We spent part of the day at the emergency room and in the clinic.

Which of the work tasks did you like the most?

Watching the operation itself was a very unique experience that cannot be experienced easily. Thus, both operations were very fascinating to me, the atmosphere in the operating room, the ways in which these operations are performed, and all the anatomy and logistics behind the procedures stand out in my memory as very interesting elements.

Was there anything surprising during your internship? Did you encounter anything you didn’t expect?

I did not expect to be present at the operations themselves. Although it may come as a shock to some, I was quite fascinated.

What part of the internship has left the biggest impression on you?

I liked the working atmosphere, the way the doctors and other workers cooperate, and the pace that was followed. Although it was often quite hectic, a cheerful dynamic was maintained. Observing how experience plays an important role in the work and how much knowledge needs to be applied in the treatment of each patient were also interesting findings for me.

Has the internship met your expectations?

If so, in what way? If now, what else would you like to see and experience?

The internship has certainly met my expectations. I learned a lot about the health system itself, and I had the chance to see many things that a person who does not practice medicine will most likely never experience in their life.

Can you see yourself working in the medical field in the future? Do you think that this experience will help you in making your decision?

It’s hard to avoid the image of yourself (in that field) after you experience that specific working atmosphere of very professional and successful people who carry a lot of knowledge with them every day and apply it to maintain and support people’s health, and to save lives. I realized that I actually liked this work dynamic the most, and although I’m not sure that I see myself as a medical practitioner, the way that the practitioners I have met work is something I would like to achieve in my future.

Would you recommend KARIJEROlink to your friends?

If yes, how would you describe what they can expect in a few sentences?

I would recommend to every person, that has a high tolerance for “squeamish” things, to have this experience. Participating in such a KARIJEROlink internship gives a person the chance to imagine themselves more easily in an such an environment, to get a more realistic picture of a job, and to be able to more easily reject or accept the idea of working in the field themselves. I think that today it is difficult to acquire such knowledge, especially in such a short time. It is definitely easier to narrow down your options through small but concrete, real-life experiences such as KARIJEROlink. This way, you are not relying on your own research and knowledge, but on information that an experienced practitioner of a certain profession or industry provides, that they considers essential for their role and position.


KARIJEROlink is run by Znanje na djelu, with support from Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, GRAWE Croatia, Styria Media Group and AHK Kroatien.

You can read more about the project here.

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