KARIJEROlink internship in HR: Interview with high school pupil Lorena

Aug 25, 2023 | KARIJEROlink, News

What does an internship look like in a human resources department? Read our interview with Lorena, a high-school pupil who spent 3 days in GRAWE Croatia as part of our KARIJEROlink project!

What made you choose the human resources department at GRAWE for your internship?

I chose human resources because I am interested in studying psychology at university, and HR is closely related to that field. Additionally, I have heard good experiences with GRAWE, and it seemed valuable to choose them.

What tasks and activities did your mentors show you?

I had the opportunity to go through tasks related to employer branding, social media work, comparing GRAWE’s and other insurance companies job advertisements, new employment candidates selection… and I also got to sit in for a job interview!

Which of the work tasks did you like the most?

I liked sitting in for a job interview the most, because I got a first-hand impression of what it looks like when someone applies for a certain position and what qualifications they are required to have.

Was there anything surprising during your internship? Did you encounter anything you didn’t expect on the job?

I can’t say that I was surprised by something I didn’t expect. But I can definitely say that the whole experience has exceeded my expectations.

What part of the internship has left the biggest impression on you?

I was most impressed by the fact that everyone is so approachable: the mentors at the Human resources department, the mentors of other departments, their managers and other employees. My HR mentors explained everything extensively and thouroughly, and they had patience for all of my questions. They were very open and communicative not only in terms of work, but in general.

I was also impressed by such positive interpersonal relationships, not only in HR but in other departments as well. In general, a lot is invested in strenghtening employee relations and team spirit.

Has the internship met your expectations?

If so, in what way? If now, what else would you like to see and experience?

The internship has definitely met, and even exceeded my expectations.

Can you see yourself working in HR in the future?

I can see myself in HR, because the job is multi faceted and encompasses the fields I find interesting, like psychology, economics…

Would you recommend KARIJEROlink to your friends?

If yes, how would you describe what they can expect in a few sentences?

I would recommend KARIJEROlink to my friends, because personally I am very satisfied.

You can expect intensive learning of new things related to the department/filed you chosose, which is at once both creative and educational. You can also get a better insight into whether you really want to continue developing in a certain direction, and whether you have the potential for it.


KARIJEROlink is run by Znanje na djelu, with support from Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, GRAWE Croatia, Styria Media Group and AHK Kroatien.

You can read more about the project here.

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