KARIJEROlink is a project that enables students to experience professions they are interested in directly at the workplace, through 2-5 day internships in numerous Croatian companies and institutions. This experience enables students to make informed decisions about their educational plans and helps them to better prepare for the labour market. The internships also give companies an opportunity to reach out to the younger generation and present themselves as potential employers.


Through this practice-based learning program, we want to provide a solution to the gap between the skills acquired in the education system and the skills needed in the business world, which is one of the key contributing factors to youth unemployment and brain drain in Croatia.


Through 2-5 day internships, the students will:

  • Get first-hand experience of the world of work
  • Gain insight into what future employers are looking for
  • Recognize their own skills and talents
  • Increase their self-confidence and independence
  • Make valuable contacts
  • Develop personal and communication skills
  • Be empowered to make informed decisions about future educational and professional steps

The host companies will:

  • Reach out to young people and gain insight into the fresh perspectives of the younger generation
  • Present themselves as potential employers
  • Get a valuable promotion opportunity and website/social networks content
  • Contribute to their Corporate Social Responsibility goals


Znanje na djelu’s Observe.Try.Experience. program had between 2016 and 2019 placed 460 students on two-day internships in 39 partner companies and institutions.

As part of the KARIJEROlink pilot project in 2022, three-to-five-day internships were offered to 30 students in 12 partner companies and institutions. Professional guidance workshops for students were held, titled “Leap into the future”, as well as a workshop for mentors in host companies, which was organized in cooperation with partners Styria media services.

The year 2023 was very successful for all of us! With the KARIJEROlink project, we achieved excellent cooperation with 35 companies and institutions and 8 secondary schools in Zagreb and Daruvar. A total of 110 students had the opportunity to spend from 2 to 5 days of internship in the host companies during spring and summer holidays.


KARIJEROlink 2024

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