Jump into the future

sij 26, 2017 | News

A new interactive workshop as part of our programme called OBSERVE. TRY. EXPERIENCE.[See how it’s done!]

“Everything we’ve learned is very useful and can be used in real life” (L. Kovač, 17).

Through various exercises and activities, we become familiar with trends on the global labour market, we define our aptitudes and talents and discover what kind of work we would like to do.

We evaluate our CVs, we undergo job interviews and we learn to present ourselves as self-aware and creative individuals who are prepared to enthusiastically step onto the labour market.

The workshop is led by experienced HR managers and trainers who, during their professional careers, have conducted over one hundred job interviews and who are delighted to share their know-how and experience with young people.

“What I liked the most was when we practiced doing job interviews” (P. Bilić, 17).

Find more information at: info@znanjenadjelu.hr

Znanje na djelu na Europskom forumu Alpbach

Znanje na djelu na Europskom forumu Alpbach

Svake godine, međunarodni dionici iz znanosti, politike, poslovnog svijeta i kulture, te stotine mladih stipendista iz Europe i šire, sastaju se na Europskom Forumu Alpbach u austrijskim Alpama. Ove godine, forum je održan od 21. kolovoza do 2. rujna, pod nazivom NOVA...