Kroatische CLIL Robotik Meisterschaft 2020: Finale

Znanje na djelu / Wissen am Werk is a proud partner of the program 3. Kroatische CLIL – Robotik-Meisterschaft 2020: Finale, which will be held at the end of 2020 with the support of the following partners: Bernardin Frankopan Gymnasium and Vocational School Ogulin, Society of Teachers of Technical Culture Ogulin and DoxaKey Education.

Since Croatia and Germany are sharing the presidency of the EU Council in 2020, the theme of this year’s competition is dedicated to the question of what connects the two countries in the long run. “Croatia and Germany in 2050: What role do robots play?” is the topic of the competition. Teams from primary and secondary schools from all over Croatia can apply with their projects.

The winner will be selected by a four-member jury consisting of the following members: Marko Javorina (Zoo Agency), Irena Horvatić – Bilić (President of the Croatian Society of German Teachers and Professors), Bruno Boban (Head of Public Relations in the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Zagreb) and Filip Krapić (Foundation Znanje na djelu / Wissen am Werk). Submission of final projects of schoolchildren lasts until December 20, after which the jury will decide on the final winner.