Application process for mini-internships now under way

velj 18, 2017 | News

OBSERVE. TRY. EXPERIENCE. This year about 60 third-year secondary school pupils will have the opportunity to spend two days as interns in many companies and institutions.

The deadline for applications is 5 March []. After applying, interested pupils will prepare their CVs and an essay or presentation. The next step is an interview with a well-meaning commission; we expect pupils to convince us that they are curious, open-minded, inquisitive and ready for new experiences. We will find a company or institution in which they can demonstrate these qualities.

Medical student Marija G. talked about her experience exploring the working world last year when she was a fourth-year pupil:
“I was delighted to have had that opportunity, it really helped me. After two days, I was exhausted, but also quite motivated, and that was wonderful. The internship reinforced my interest in medicine and I was sure that it was my true calling and what I wanted to study.”

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