About us

Knowledge at Work as a non-profit organisation offers programmes which address the skills gap between education and business sectors to tackle the problem of employability in Croatia and the brain drain. Developed in partnership with local educational and public institutions, authorities and companies, our programmes reach out to pupils as well as teachers on all levels of education. For pupils we offer job-shadowing opportunities to gain first-hand experience of work processes and business routines, seeking to provoke entrepreneurial curiosity and responsibility for career development. For educators we organize company visits and workshops to support practice-orientation, explorative learning and creativity stimulation in teaching. Like their fellows in the Danube region young people in Croatia lack entrepreneurship experience and awareness of the many options in today’s world of work.

Management board

Dr. Caroline Hornstein Tomić

Dr. Caroline Hornstein Tomić


Gabriele Wahl Cesarec

Gabriele Wahl Cesarec

Pravo i financije

Daška Domljan

Daška Domljan

Razvoj programa


Vera Pfaff, univ. spec.

Vera Pfaff, univ. spec.

Program manager

Dunja Vuković

Dunja Vuković

PRO-YOUTH Project manager

Maja Kurilić

Maja Kurilić

Project Coordinator Transition Dialogue 2019-2021

Board meeting april 2019

Management and supervisory boards meeting, april 2019.


Supervisory board

Nikolas Adamovich (Chair)

Georg Eltz

Mladen Fogec

I.D. Fürstin Gloria Thurn und Taxis

Dr. Thomas Sichla

Mirsada Kudrić

Sven-Thorsten Potthoff

Advisory board

Krešimir Lipovščak (Chair)

Dr. Dino Dogan

Prof. Dr. Damir Boras

Dunja Maršić Brezetić

Loredana Maravić

Dr. Ivo Josipović

Prof. Dr. Josip Burušić

Dr. Irena Martinović Klarić

Igor Lukić

Pater Ivan Tolj

Članovi osnivačke skupštine

Doraja Eberle 

Ivana Gavrilović

Boris Galić

Gunther Neubert

Honorary member

Dr. Ivo Josipović