KARIJEROTEKA is a series of video interviews with leading people from the world of work who answer questions such as “‘What’s the most interesting aspect of your work? What did your career path look like? What skills are essential in your position? What advice would you give your 16-year-old self today?’”

KARIJEROTEKA is intended for upper elementary and secondary school pupils and wants to encourage them to find out more about exciting jobs of their future. Famous designers, doctors, bankers, chemists, physicists and many others talk to young people, all with the aim of encouraging young people to explore careers in Croatia.

Part of the films were shot in the form of zoom conversations, and from 2022 we shoot films at various business locations of our guests: in the forest, in the office or in the doctor’s office. All previous KARIJEROTEKA videos can be searched and viewed in the KARIJEROvideo-library.

The edition 2020/2021 was supported by Erste Stiftung, ZOV and Bosch.

The edition 2021/2022 was developed and created in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. The program brings scientist and activists, entrepreneurs and managers, developers and farmers that deal with sustainable growth, ecology, renewable energy and waste management. KARIJEROTEKA again shows young people a whole variety of sectors and positions that deal with these issues.

KARIJEROTEKA is also supported by the Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Geology, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Končar, Roto and the Croatian Association of Private Forest Owners. If you also want to present your sector or company to young people, contact us at info@znanjenadjelu.hr