A real wind in the sails for young people!

The main partner of the program “STEM. GROW. EXPLORE”, the company Zagrebačke otpadne vode (Zagreb waste waters), has hosted teachers and students – who have applied for this program of exceptional importance for all generations – in their facilities again.

The program “STEM. GROW. EXPLORE”, was started by the Foundation Knowledge at Work and the Institute Ruđer Bošković. The purpose of said program is to make youngsters familiar with the STEM fields – what STEM is, where it is applied, what experts do in these fields and why there are so many empty work places.

With this program, students and teachers are being included in practical exploration of natural, mathematical, technical phenomena and problems in everyday life. They are being incited to explore and experiment by participating in workshops, which were prepared by the scientists of the Institut Ruđer Bošković.

Afterwards, they visit several companies, where that knowledge is actually utilized in everyday work life. The students also participate in the open day of IRB.

This way, they get a realistic picture of the application of STEM in life, industry and work.

Almost all people who were present at our tour in Žitnjak had questions: how is it possible to be employed at a facility which deals with ecology and which kind of knowledge and skills are necessary in this field. The group was accompanied by Mrs. Vera Pfaff, the office manager of the Foundation Knowledge at Work, while from ZOV’s side the main technician Marin Ganjto and PR-manager Astrid Werbolle were present.

This way, programs are getting credit, which connect the educational and working world, all of this to create opportunities for youngsters, to keep them in our country and to enable them to have a beautiful and fulfilling future in new working places.


Probudi svoj poziv

Probudi svoj poziv

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